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Hire a Boat Captain for a Day – Benefits You May Not Realize

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Renting a boat? Whether it’s for an event, a personal joyride, or a romantic cruise, hiring a boat captain comes with many benefits and can often make your day much more enjoyable and hassle-free.

In some instances, hiring a captain for your rented boat is necessary. Maybe you’re day-drinking and need a responsible “driver”. Maybe you have no experience with boats and need an expert. Or maybe it’s difficult to navigate the particular waters around you. Learn more about renting a boat on Lake Travis. Regardless, a boat captain can do many things for you and your experience, including:

– Suggesting places to go and things to do, including dining spots, boating locations, where to snorkel, fish, and etc.

– Keep on top of the weather and any potential changes in the climate, as well as know what to do in case of weather.

– Provide knowledge of what to do in an emergency, including first aid training.

– Help navigate the waters and assist with all docking, undocking, loading, and unloading of the boat.

And, overall, your captain can eliminate stress and allow you to sit back and enjoy your cruise around the water.

So how do you make sure you have the right captain for your boating venture?
It’s helpful to have someone local to the area as your guide– someone who knows Lake Travis (see about Lake Travis pontoon boat rental) and the Austin area around it, for instance, or wherever your rented boat will take you for the day. You’ll also want to be sure they know how large or small your party will be– if it’s two people and a dog for instance, or a large group that will be spending time on the boat. The boat captain you choose will hopefully be comfortable with kids, pets, and whoever else may be present. Also, what kind of boats are their specialty? Are they most familiar with yachts, with small sailboats, with fishing boats?

If the boat you’ve rented comes with a captain who is vetted by the company and is knowledgeable of the area, this is an ideal situation. Do your research and find a boat rental company that employs a variety of professionals who can guide you around the lake.

Professional boat captains are generally required to have significant experience under their belt, a passing grade on the Coast Guard exam, first aid training, and a medical and drug test. After being cleared on all of these things, then they can usually obtain their boating license. This is why having a captain to help you in any case of emergency or even to just provide some expertise will make your trip around the lake that much easier.

And at the end of the day, don’t forget to treat your boat captain with respect and gratitude– they’ll be helping you out with several areas, and will likely provide recommendations, local knowledge, and lively conversation! Tipping your captain, thanking him, and potentially leaving him or his company a good review will put a positive end to your experience on both sides of the transaction. Rent your boat and hire a captain to take you around today.

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