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Renting a Boat in Devils Cove

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If you’re renting a boat on Lake Travis and looking to party with friends in a gorgeous setting, Devil’s Cove is the place to be. Located on the northern side of the lake, tucked into the Hollows and North of Hudson Bend, Devil’s Cove is a popular destination for party boats. It offers a private feel, while still being easily accessible. 

Pontoons & Party Boats Are Ideal For Devil’s Cove Fun

Many partiers flock to Devil’s Cove and tie their boats together, creating a fun atmosphere that encourages people to drink, swim, play music, and party with one another. It’s not uncommon to find up to 200 boats in Devil’s Cove, many of them tied together, with partygoers hopping from one boat to another with a drink in hand. Looking to escape the crowds? Find out why a Lake Travis pontoon boat rental is the way to go!

When planning a trip to Devil’s Cove, be sure to check the weather, and the water level. If the water is too low, you risk scraping your boat along the rocks or the shore. And while you want the climate to be warm so you can swim if need be, you’ll also need to keep an eye on the sun– alcohol and a deceptively shady tree line may affect your judgment as to when to put on sunscreen. Stay hydrated and protect your skin from the hot Texan sun. 

Devil’s Cove is known for being an area for party boats, so don’t be surprised if a police patrol boat stops to check on you. You’ll want to be sure your boat captain is skilled and sober. The patrols may conduct random sobriety checks from time to time. Depending on the company you rent your boat from, they may offer the services of a boat captain who can be hired along with the boat. If you want a designated driver who can assure you and your friends have a good time without worrying about the logistics of boating, hire a Lake Austin Captained Boat.

Rent a Boat and Celebrate at Devil’s Cove

People visit Devil’s Cove for a variety of reasons, some of the most popular being to celebrate birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, holidays like the 4th of July, and more. If you prefer to go on a sunny, clear, and warm day, expect some fairly big crowds. This is especially the case on longer weekends or on holidays. If you prefer a more intimate setting, cooler or gloomier days may lead to fewer crowds.

After you’ve tired out your party boating, you may want to hit up a popular Austin restaurant off the lake, such as Emerald Point Bar and Grill, where you can frequently find live music. Or if you want somewhere classy and romantic, try Hudson’s Fine Hill Country Dining, located upstream of Devil’s Cove.

No matter what occasion you’re renting a party boat for, Devil’s Cove will provide you and your guests with a good time. Plan ahead so you can assure that the weather, water level, and atmosphere is just right for the occasion, and get ready for a memorable time. Renting a Travis Lake Pontoon from an experienced Austin boat rental company is easy and straightforward, and you’ll be glad you left all the hard work to the professionals. 

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